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Wisdom OF Stir-Flying Stock (Chinese)

Trading and investing are all about "look beyond what you see".  Trading is a combination science and art. At least, we can do our best to scientifically crunch the numbers, then try our luck.

Interactive site
You can interactively communicate with the system to retrieve real-time stock information. You can even use computer program to fetch information automatically.

Intraday Computer Selected Stocks
A program is running filters to pick up tradable opportunities during trading hours. Results are refreshed every 5 minutes on average. Want to know stocks' short term and long term charts patterns, volume and price fluctuation, market sectors rotation, here are the clues.

Chart readers' corners. The following are daily stock scanning results
In one page, you will see charts of multiple stocks which shares common characteristics. One pictures equals to a thousand words. We hope our service can inspire your trading ideas. Good luck and happy trading.

Good TA Pattern Charts
Computer filtered stocks charts
Charts from clearstation filters
Charts from stockcharts filters
Stock Price Close to Historical High

Daily Stock Price. The following files are made for computer program to process. We provide information here. You can run your own stock selection filters. If you are not a computer geek, just use excel program to import these files and do some sorting.
format - symbol, indicator, date, open, high, low, close, volume

1. NYSE  2. AMEX  3. NASDAQ  4. Over the count stocks (Pennies)

Stock Price List Stock price and change ratio comparing to previous trading day
Stock Option Price List Stock option symbol and price
Stock Technical Analysis Data The moving average figures
Stock Technical Averages Take a look yourself. There is too much to explain.
Sector Performance
The Bull power vs. The Bear power  

Today's' Price vs. Volume. (Price low than $10)
Price and Volume Up
Price Up and Volume Dip
Price Dip and Volume Dip
Price Dip and Volume Up

Scan Result From Stock Chart


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