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Company Profile

Hu Enterprise LLC was found in Seattle Washington U.S.A. in October 2005 by Mr. J. Hu (nick name MuFeng).

Hu Enterprise LLC targets the intersection of internet data aggregation, consumer data mining, computer aided data digestion and decision making. We provide value-added information technology services to both individuals and institutions. Our solutions improve people's life and competitive advantage by enabling using machine to assist human collecting, processing and digesting overwhelming and ever-changing information.

Company Mission

Transcend information to knowledge.  Capitalize data.  Inspire ideas.  Celebrate human creativity.

We are opening up an era of data consumption. We develop technologies and offer services to people to better handling overwhelming, ever-changing information in a robotic way.

This company is established and driven by the founder's vision that information should be consumable commodity, just like gasoline and food. Computer software can be developed to assist human monitor the changes of information, collect and aggregate information, analyze information and make sound decisions based on individual's own specifications.

We believe our work can liberate people and liberate data. We celebrate human creativity by developing technologies that benefit all.

Problems and Solutions

We are in the information age. The information super highway, has fundamentally changed the way people access and consume information. There are billions of web pages in existence and there are powerful internet search engines. Knowledge is basically on peoples finger tips. The old sayings are "Time is money" and "Knowledge is power". Nowadays, it all depends on how quickly, broadly and effectively one can retrieve, process, digest information and response wisely. The supply and demand of information are enormous. However, there is gap between the information availability and individual's capability to utilize information. Common peoples are still manually processing information, conducting researches, analyzing data then making decisions. It is a simple observation that most of the web pages in the internet need human to read and digest. Just take stock research for example, how many website you have to visit and how many mouse click you have to make. Individual person just don't have enough time and energy to deal with so much information. There is no smart computer software to assist people to collect, digest information from the internet as well as quicken and improve responsiveness based on individual's needs.

Hu Enterprise LLC's technologies are the solutions to these challenges. Our software can automatically and frequently collect relevant information from multiple internet sources on behave of users. So that, users can have sequence of data to research on and be able to compare with alternatives. As well, our software can apply data models and data filters to collected data on users specifications. Ultimately, user are better informed, in better control and able to quickly response to changes as well as to make sound decision. More importantly, people can grasp the endless opportunities has information can offer.

Please visit our stock information site. You will see most of the information we prepare for you are computer process able. It demonstrates how our software quickly and massively collects and processes data from various internet sites, other wise you have to spend hours to manually type, click and read.

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